UNEP FI recruits staff, consultants and runs an ongoing internship programme to assist its Secretariat in Geneva and abroad. UNEP FI also issues requests for proposals on an ad hoc basis according to its work programme requirements. All positions including internships are also advertised on the UN’s career website here.

Consultancy Job Openings:

Job title: Sustainable Banking Expert & Principles for Responsible Banking Review & Support Lead

Apply here by 27th June 2020

Duty Station: Geneva

Position: Full-time consultant

Job Description:

In order to ensure effective implementation of the Principles for Responsible Banking, there will be an annual review, feedback & support meeting (mostly virtual) between the UNEP FI Secretariat and each Signatory Bank, usually following the Signatory Bank’s annual reporting.

UNEP FI is looking for a consultant to lead this feedback & review process. In addition to ensuring each bank is making progress at an adequate speed and providing feedback and support, the outcomes and learnings from these meetings will feed into the broader peer learning and support structure all banks benefit from as well as the biennial collective progress report the community of Signatories has agreed to publish through UNEP FI.

To read the full job description and to apply for the position, click here. The initial contract duration is 12 months.